Project 366: Day 333 Dog’on It

I came out of my bedroom and walked down the hall. As I neared the living room, I heard one of our ‘puppies’ starting to stir. I recognized the sounds, and I knew that pup was not settling himself on the dog bed. He has a tough life. For the record, his sister (in the background) is now resting on my bed. Lucky dogs. Continue reading

Project 366: Day 332 Mike and Ike

When my Dad came across people who looked or acted alike, I would sometimes hear him say, “Mike and Ike, they look alike.” That phrase is tied to the comic strip that ran years ago.

Last night, while visiting with Rob and his parents at the end of an emotional but beautiful day, I could hear my Dad say in my head over and over again, “Mike and Ike, they look alike.”

I’ve often kidded Rob and his Dad about their similar look; but more than their look, it is the shared mannerisms and quirks that crack me up and creep me out all at the same time. I love these two guys – Mike and Ike.

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Project 366: Day 331 A Day for Walter

Today, we will publicly mourn with friends and family over the loss of Walter – a son, a brother, a father, a husband, a nephew, a cousin, an in-law, a friend, and a co-worker. People will speak about how Walter touched their life, and music and songs will be played and sung expressing the sorrow felt. Though many (buckets of) tears will be shed, laughter will be heard, memories will be shared, and comfort will be provided through family, friends, and faith.

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