You Told Me :: Your Favorite Caption

Thank you for participating in my first caption contest. I tip my hat to all the finalists, as well as anyone and everyone that participated. But mostly, I tip my hat to the winner: KD Wald!

KD, you’ve won a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. (Seriously! Email your mailing address to me, please.) In addition, you’ve won the right to promote yourself and your winnings without shame. Your fellow bloggers will praise you, too. Right fellow blogger?! Continue reading “You Told Me :: Your Favorite Caption”

Project 366: Day 12

During the Christmas break, my son spent time pulling together information about sea urchins. Yesterday, he presented his research report to his fellow classmates. I don’t remember doing a research report in first grade, unless you count scoping the house for something interesting to bring for ‘Show and Tell’.

Camera in tow, I went to see/hear my son give his presentation. How very cool to watch him stand in front of his class. He did a great job. Plus, he never blushed or showed signs of nervousness. (He does not get his public speaking confidence from me, that’s for certain!)

When all is said and done, I plan on printing out all 366 pictures as a reminder of the year 2012. I did not intend to share any pictures from my son’s presentation with the blogosphere; however, when I look back at Project 366 and the year 2012, I want to remember my son’s first classroom presentation.

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