For Lois, A School Friend


As I continue to abstain from Facbeook and Twitter, I am becoming more and more thankful I have email. Late last week, I received an email from a college (and Facebook) friend. During my first year in college, you’d often find me and my roommate in this friend’s room. We would laugh together often – and maybe drink a little, too. When reliving memories of college, my friend Lois comes to my mind.

Lois sent me an email about an article she ran across in Parenting magazine: “6 Friends Every Mom Needs.” She thought the subject would be a good one for my blog. (Keep those suggestions coming, Readers!) Instantly, I egotistically assumed, “Aw, I’m one of the friends Lois needs.” And, if you read the article, it is apparent I am Lois’ ‘Slightly Glam Girlfriend’. NOT! Please. I’m more along the lines of the ‘Not even slightly glam girlfriend’. In any case, I don’t really believe I am on the list of friends Lois needs, but I know I’m on the list of friends she enjoys! (Ditto!) Continue reading