I am trimming my hair again today. The fact that I am once again trimming my hair is not an indication of happy and relaxing times. And, the trimming is becoming increasingly more noticeable. I’m feeling anxious. I’m missing my routine life, even the part where I complain about my regular routine. Since returning from my awesome weekend away with Rob, my routine has been out of whack. Such is the price of vacation, I suppose.

Prepping for Easter celebrations, birthday parties, being sick, PMS, catering to sick kids and being a single parent while Rob is out of town are just a few of the interruptions of my routine. I’m also dealing with the typical large work load that occurs at the end/start of every month. In my head, I picture myself huddled in a ball and rocking back and forth. The worst part? I’m so out of whack I have no desire to eat junk food. What?! The food addict doesn’t want to eat junk? Dang. This is serious. [Though I have lost five pounds in the past couple of weeks.]

Next week doesn’t look much like a routine week, either. Rob will be out of pocket for three nights, traveling and going to meetings. I am hoping for some serious alone time this weekend. I’d love to have time to catch up on household chores and sit in silence when done with the chores, perhaps reading a book or two. The one glitch¬† may be my mother-in-law’s birthday. I was thinking of baking another pound cake for the birthday gal, in hopes it would excuse me from going to my in-laws’ house to celebrate her birthday. Though it may not help me win points with the mother-in-law, I think my father-in-law would be pleased. He enjoyed many slices of the pound cake I made for Easter.

Today, I have managed to do a whole bunch of absolutely nothing. Well, I did some laundry, changed around my blog appearance, wandered around the house in a daze, got the mail and let the dogs in and out – and in and out – and in and out. But, other than that, I’ve done nothing. You see, I should be working. I should be completing tasks for my paid job. I really do have invoices to create and prep for my boss on Monday. But, I am freaking. I am anxious. Can’t put my finger on why I am freaking and anxious. I am just freaking and anxious. Perhaps extreme amounts of pollen have gotten into my brain and is causing delirium. Perhaps I’ve blown my nose too hard and too often these past 5 days. Hmm, as I twirl my hair with my finger, I’m noticing another uneven spot. I better go get the scissors.

Unorganized Thoughts


NOTE: The following post may offend. Please read with caution.

It is morning here. I’ve enjoyed two cups of coffee, and yes, I believe I will have a third. Before I get up to get that third cup of coffee, I am going to tell you about my dream last night. I had a dream about the movie Shutter Island. I am not sure why I had a dream about Shutter Island, because I have not seen the movie. And, I didn’t dream that I was watching the movie, my dream was that I was on the Island living out the movie. Odd. I assume the dream was short because I haven’t seen the movie. I suspect seeing the movie is in my future, though. I’m curious to see if I got any of it right.

The main purpose of my post today is to release some of the frustration I am having due to hormones. My word of the day today is restraint. I hope to show restraint today and over the next 5 – 7 days. My patience is limited, which makes showing restraint even harder. But, I am aware that my moodiness is due to hormones, and I am hoping if I keep in tune with that awareness, I won’t do too much damage. I have a big challenge ahead of me, that is for certain.

Now, while I try to show restraint and release my frustrations via posting, you have to realize that my mind is in overdrive. I swear there is a game of pinball going on in my head, and the flippers are doing a great job of keeping the ball active and hitting many bumpers. I am certain I will reach a new ‘High Score’.

While posting, I am listening to the Neal Boortz show. He is an AM talk radio show host. Great entertainment. You can access his website, and I encourage you to listen to him. He’s a Libertarian, and he is not a fan of President Obama. Consider yourself warned. I hope that doesn’t prevent you from checking him out, though. Again, he is great entertainment.

So, Neal is on a rant about an 8th grade girl who sent her boyfriend a picture via her cell phone. Allegedly, the 8th grader was partially nude. After her boyfriend received the picture, he forwarded it to his guy friends. All this took place in a private school. I believe both parties were taken out of school in some form or another. Authorities are considering jail time, too. Explain to me, again, why kids have cell phones? Oh yeah. It is because they NEED them in case of an emergency. Right. And how many times have they used it for an actual EMERGENCY vs just convenience or habit? Thought so.

And then there is Oprah. She is promoting a “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign. Yet, what did her audience receive during a recent show? Yep. A free cell phone with 60 days free service! Woo hoo! And, how many of those folks will use their phones while driving?! Seems a bit contradictory to me, but I am PMSing; what the heck do I know, right?

But wait, I have more to share. Oprah had Jessica Simpson on her show. Jessica was airing her frustration with the media and paparazzi, as they hound her and focus on her weight an personal life. She was stressing the need for folks to focus on the goodness inside and the pressure the media puts on looks, appearance, etc. Oprah was nodding in agreement with Jessica, and Oprah also shared that she’s had to deal with her fair share of crap from the media. OK. Cut to the second half of the show: Lisa Ling talks about the focus on fashion and beauty in China and around the world. What?! The first half of the show is about how too much focus is on fashion, looks, etc. And, the second half of the show is all about looking a certain way, interviewing the Vanity Fair rep in China.

I admit, my rant may be taking things out of context a bit. And, showing how women will do just about anything to be ‘beautiful’ doesn’t necessarily encourage the behavior; however, Oprah has many shows on how to look better. I am just frustrated with the double-talk. “Don’t text and drive.” “Here! Have a new cell phone.” “Focus on what is inside your heart, not how you look.” “This week we will talk about the best way to color your hair and look years younger.” Yes, I am cranky. But am I way off base? Really?

Oh. Oh. AND – Oprah has had several shows with Peter Walsh, from Clean Sweep. She is amazed and horrified at how hoarders collect stuff and are unable to get rid of things. Then, she announces that she has cleaned out her closet and is auctioning off items on Ebay to raise money for her school. While going through many of the clothing items, Oprah is expressing the fact that she is getting anxious about letting go of the things. She talks about the fact that her heart is racing and she is having a hard time not changing her mind on certain items.

Again, my frustration is hormone induced. And, I don’t fault Oprah for the anxiety she has with letting go of some of her ‘stuff’. But, what about her love for Eckhart Tolle and his book ‘A New Earth’? What about her belief that it is not about the stuff? She has tons of stuff! And, it is hard for her to let go of her stuff, so it should not surprise her that others have a hard time of letting go of their stuff, too.

I like Oprah. I am not trying to discredit her or make her out to be someone evil. I just wish folks would practice what they preach, and I wish they would call themselves out when they don’t practice what they preach. Which reminds me …

For the most part, I am an open book. I know I am moody. I know I am impatient. I know I yell way too much. I know this. I also know there are many people like me. However, they don’t admit to being like me. They don’t admit to sharing many of my qualities. They will, however, throw me under the bus without batting an eye. Because I am so open about my issues and imperfections, I feel as though I walk around with a big target on my front and back. And, rather than acknowledging they share many of my characteristics, folks will tell me how ridiculous I can be at times.

I realize my openness is my choice, though why I continue to choose being an open book is beyond me. Seriously, why in the world do I feel the need to share every single emotion I feel? Why on earth do I feel the need to express just about every thought I have? It is sick, though I know many find it entertaining. And, truth be told, I love me. I love the fact that I am an open book. I just wish I wasn’t so insecure about it all. It seems contradictory to be so forthcoming with information, yet cringe internally as I worry I am being judged. And, as is often the case, when I run into folks like me, who also share everything, I become annoyed. Yeah. Our own qualities tend to annoy us when we find the same qualities in others. Funny how that works.

I had better cut this post short. [Too late] I need to pace myself, as the next several days have the potential to be challenging. Today, I reminded my husband that I love him. I will remind my husband I love him several times over the next 5 to 7 days, in between my barking and biting. Hormones are wonderful.

Predictable Patterns


It’s that time of the month again. And, yes, I am writing about it. I am fairly certain I am not the only blogger going down this road. And, if writing about it makes me happy and less cranky, I’m guessing my husband would love for me to write about it every day. (Especially, if it keeps me from hounding him about the water ring on the counter, the socks on the floor, the radio blaring, the shoes … well, you get my drift.)

I am not here to tell you WHY we women get so ding-dang moody once a month; I’m just here to tell you that I am one of many. And, I am going to use this here blog to release the hormones that can ruin the moods of my family or increase the size of my waist. Seriously. Why do I crave ice cream more towards the start of things vs. any other time? It is crazy people, crazy.

Last night, while eating supper as a family (which we do every night), I was laughing with the boys. We were being very silly, giggling and telling knock-knock jokes. [Note: Knock-knock jokes with the boys (ages 3 and 5) are made-up and rarely make sense. Example: ‘Knock-knock. Who’s there? Tree. Tree who? Tree blah blah bloo’.] The three of us were having a blast. My husband was just smiling and watching us be crazy. Suddenly. The hormones hit.

Out of nowhere, I yelled at the boys and told them to be quiet and calm down. Ok. I didn’t really yell, but I did become a distant cousin to the chick from The Exorcist. PMS overcame me, and I was done. I couldn’t get the table cleared and the boys off to the tub fast enough. And by ‘off to the tub’ I mean, I passed – ok – threw them to my husband. He is in charge of bathing the boys. He lets them play more than I do; which means he lets them splash to the point that it looks like the toilet has overflowed. Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but the floor is definitely wet after they take their bath.

So, the boys were in the tub, my husband was with the boys and I was left alone in the kitchen. I was able to clean the dishes, etc., losing myself with the running of water. “La La La La PMS! I can’t hear you with the water running!” I was able to keep the raging hormones at bay, though I admit I grumbled under my breath a few times as I had to wipe the table and place mats. ‘Grrr…. why are they so messy at meal time? Don’t they know to push their chair under the table when they leave? Seriously. Can you not take your cup to the sink . . .’

Once the kitchen was tidy and dishes were cleaned, I could hear the mayhem in the bathroom. Can you hear the chilling music building in the background?! It is ridiculous how quick irritability can take over during the monthly patterns. I knew it was coming, and I did my best to keep the little monster in the cage. I knew the boys were having fun, and I knew my husband had things under control. And suddenly, (because it is always suddenly, isn’t it?) I heard whining. UGH! Whining and crying while battling PMS? Yeah, um, that’s not a good mix.

I counted to 10. I counted to 10 again. I counted to 50. I counted backwards. I did the hokey pokey and I turned myself around . . .¬† And then I went in to the bathroom and demanded everyone get out of the tub. My husband was sad. It was his turn with the boat, and he was about to sink it. (Ha. Kidding. He wasn’t in the tub. And, I must tell you, it cracks me up to write about how I lost it last night. I know it is ridiculous when it happens. Still, PMS is a boogah of a boogah.) So, the boys got out of the tub, got dressed and brushed teeth. And, peace was restored in the village. I sat down with the boys and read two books. My oldest asked for a 3rd book and I said – are you ready? – I said, “Sure.” Take THAT, PMS!