Pit-stop in Minden, LA

Dear Blogary,

I have headed West. We are en route to Coppell, TX to celebrate the graduation of my niece (from college) and nephew (from high school). We left this morning around 8:45 ET, and we arrived in Minden, LA close to 6pm CT.

Blogary, the weather was perfect for driving – overcast but not raining. The boys did great, too. Yep. A safe and uneventful trip thus far.

Blogary, I am tired and I want to go to bed. I’m on ET, and though that is only different by one hour, I feel that hour. Still, I unpacked my laptop, checked out Facebook, Twitter, NOAA and CNN.com. An hour later, I am still sitting here with my laptop. Charlie is asleep with Rob, one bed over – and Joe is asleep in my Mom’s room, next door. I get my own bed tonight. SCORE!

We crossed the mighty Mississippi river today. I love the Mississippi river. And, I sang the Doobie Brothers’ ‘Black Water’, while driving across the bridge. Traveling through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana today, I can’t help but think about the oil spill. And, as I mentioned earlier, I accessed CNN.com, which has pictures of birds covered in oil. It’s awful. Awful.

Because the spill occurred in such deep water, the full extent of the ecological impact this spill has caused remains to be seen. It is frightening to think how much is going to surface within the next several days. And, I mean ‘surface’ figuratively and literally.

Blogary, I am not sure this post is post worthy, from the entertainment/humor perspective. Still, because I am sleeping in Louisiana tonight, the people of Louisiana and Mississippi are heavily on my mind. These areas are still recovering from Katrina. The economy is in the tank. And now, fishermen and other people making a living off the Gulf Shore water are facing even greater challenges. Plus the animals. The animals and our environment are taking such a huge hit. What can we do? How can we stop it? The inability to fix it and make it better is maddening. Helplessness never felt so – helpless.

Tonight, as I lay my head down in this Minden, LA hotel, I will say a prayer for the people of the Gulf Coast region and up and down the Mississippi river. And, I will say a prayer for the marine and aquatic life suffering. My God have mercy on our souls, as we continue to destroy the Earth He gave us.

Goodnight, Blogary.