Project 366: Day 356 Finding Peace

Today we remember what happened one week ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School, while others never forget the violence that is non-stop in their inner-city neighborhoods. If you stop and have a moment of silence in memory of Sandy Hook Elementary, please also remember the other children that have died at the hands of others. Let there be peace, and let it begin with me- and you- and you- …

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Project 366: Day 353 A Tradition

For the past four or five years, maybe longer, we’ve made the journey to Santa’s house at least once during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In prior years, we’d visit Santa just about every Friday night. This year, our first visit was late in the season. Hopefully, we’ll get back at least one more time before he flies away on his sleigh. We are so lucky to have Santa living close to our house.

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Project 366:: Day 346 Nightlights

Yesterday, I noted on my Facebook page that I was thankful for the Christmas lights hung along our roof-line. As a kid, I always envied people who had lights on the outside of their house. Our house was always decorated for Christmas, but the lights were inside on the windowsills.

I never lost the desire for outside lights, and I was thrilled when the boys begged long enough to bring my childhood dream to – wait for it – light! Thanks to Rob for climbing the ladder and making the world brighter for his wife and two kids. Woo hoo! We have lights along our roof-line! Color me a happy child adult.

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