While busy doing nothing …

Recently, I met a friend for the weekend. She drove south, and I drove north. We enjoyed staying in a hotel, surrounded by silence. Of course to my friend and I, silence means there are no kids bickering with each other, no gripes about what was made for dinner, and no whines when bedtime is announced. Our silence may have been broken by the television or our own dialogue, but we had control of the volume, the intensity, and the on/off button. Parental paradise.

While together, my friend and I enjoyed eating dinner out at a restaurant. You know – a restaurant. A restaurant is a place where one can order food to eat without having to make it. Even better, a restaurant is a place where they bring the food to your table, and they clean up the mess when you are finished eating. It is amazing! (I don’t get out much.) Continue reading “While busy doing nothing …”

Me, my life and Legos

Back in March, I interviewed for the perfect part-time job. This part-time job was going to fit in beautifully with my current part-time job. Together, the two part-time jobs would ensure we would have enough money to support my ice cream addiction enroll both boys in a private school. After a telephone interview, I was asked to come in to their office for a face to face interview. As I left their office, I was informed a decision was going to be made that Friday. The rest of the week, I was anxiously awaiting the news.

Though my friends and family did their best to appease me with positive thoughts, the reality that I did not get the job was becoming obvious. Either that, or the folks in the company decided to go on hiatus and follow Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of  Truth” tour. Continue reading “Me, my life and Legos”

Letting go of Little Baby Girl

What began in September 2010 ended today – March 31, 2011. After giving my bosses my two week notice, I completed my last night on the job last night – er, this morning. Whatever.

My bosses, a Mom and Dad, hired me to watch their newborn two nights a week. The purpose was to help with the night-time feedings, as well as getting baby ready to face the day in the morning. The job also included household chores such as changing diaper pails, helping with laundry and feeding their cats. Continue reading “Letting go of Little Baby Girl”