The Painting and a Challange

Challenged by an inspiration, or inspired by a challenge – either way, I am taking an opportunity to create another Etheree. Thanks to Val Erde her blog Absurd Old Bird, I am using her work to create a piece of my own.

The challenge began with Val, and her post titled, “My challenge to you…”, inviting writers to create something on their own, using one of Val’s paintings and/or poems. Inspired, Woman Wielding Words and She’s a Maineiac took Val up on her challenge.

Moved by the creations of Woman and Maineiac, as well as the one who initiated it all, I decided to throw my pen into the ring. Continue reading “The Painting and a Challange”

CBS Sunday Morning

Every Sunday I try to watch CBS Sunday Morning. And, every time I am able to watch CBS Sunday Morning, I leave the show feeling better for having spent my time watching it. It is not a show that depletes your brain cells nor does it leave you dumber.

Last Sunday, Feb. 7th, they profiled a family that sold their house and used the money to travel to third world countries offering charitable goods and services. Below is a link to the story, as well as a link to the family’s website. People, like the family profiled, inspire me to do more. I have enough to give – there is no reason not to share it with others.

Please access the family’s website called The Power of Half.

And, please know my intention is not to preach. I am merely sharing something I find good to know.