Project 366: Day 336 Whatcha’ doing?

Joe had a friend spend the night with him last night. This morning, I loaded up the boys and took them to Dutch Monkey Doughnuts (DMD). DMD is a fantastic doughnut place, with a different selection of wonderfully delicious doughnuts every Tuesday – Sunday.

I have no actual doughnuts to share with you, nor do I have any pictures of doughnuts to share with you. Instead, I’m letting you see the fascination the boys had in the making of the doughnuts. The picture includes my boys, Joe’s friend, and two other friends (brothers) who met us for some tasty doughnuts.


Project 366 Day 336


Project 366: Day 331 A Day for Walter

Today, we will publicly mourn with friends and family over the loss of Walter – a son, a brother, a father, a husband, a nephew, a cousin, an in-law, a friend, and a co-worker. People will speak about how Walter touched their life, and music and songs will be played and sung expressing the sorrow felt. Though many (buckets of) tears will be shed, laughter will be heard, memories will be shared, and comfort will be provided through family, friends, and faith.

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