Climbing aboard the tribute train

Okay, okay. Since everyone else is writing about their Dads in honor of Father’s Day, I will, too. No, I am not going to jump off the bridge if everyone else does, but I would be happy to watch and write about it.

Actually, I am not going to write about my Dad. I will tell you I miss him, because I do. He died when I was 25yrs old. He never had the opportunity to meet my husband or my two boys. I’ve written about Dad in past posts (here’s a good one). When I read posts written by others about their Dad, tears well up in my eyes, as I feel a similar sense of pride and love for my Dad. But. I’m not going there today. For whatever reason, I feel like sadness is creeping in to my blogosphere, and I’d like to try and brighten things up a bit.

So. I am going to write about Rob. But, please don’t tell Rob, OK? See, Rob hates it when I talk about him on this here blog. Hates it. If I post pictures, he hates it even more. I’ve had to pull pictures from my blog, per his request. He was only a little nude. Read more