Project 366: Day 310 Morning Mug Shot

This picture was taken at 8am on Sunday morning. Charlie snapped a picture of me at 8:01am that same Sunday morning. I am not posting the picture Charlie snapped of me. Trust me when I say, mornings are not pretty for me. My mug looks more like a jail booking photo. Oy.

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Project 366: Day 309 Family Photo

It’s Christmas! Well, no. It isn’t Christmas, yet. Still, I did hear the song, “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” in the Target store Friday. (True story.) Plus, I saw my first Christmas holiday shopping commercial of the season on television. So, while it is not Christmas yet, folks are thinking about Christmas.

I mean, my family is thinking about our Christmas picture. Well, in theory we are thinking about our Christmas picture. We still need a little practice to get it right. Thankfully, there is still time.

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Project 366: Day 302 80 Years

We did it! We surprised Mum with a belated 80th birthday celebration. She was thrilled, touched, and happy to see so many wonderful friends. Here’s a shot of Mum with her kids and her kids’ kids, minus our oldest niece and her Dad (brother-in-law). Please note my Mum’s foot attire.

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Project 366: Day 294 Holding Hands

In October 2008, I took a picture of the boys holding hands and walking together at the local pumpkin patch. Since 2008, I’ve shot the same pose of the boys holding hands. Today was our annual visit to the local pumpkin patch, which meant it was time for the annual shot of the boys holding hands and walking together. Rob and I wonder how many years we have left of the boys being willing to hold hands. Stay tuned.

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Project 366: Day 286 “Ten Years, Man! Ten ye- Ten years! Ten years! ….”

Grosse Pointe Blank is one of my all time favorite movies. There is a scene with Jeremy Piven and John Cusack that I refer to whenever someone refers to “10 years” in any way, shape, or form.

Today I am referring to “10 years” because 10 years ago Rob and I were married. “Ten years, Man! Ten ye – Ten years! Ten years! Ten! Ten years! Ten years.” In other news, 10yrs ago I still had blonde hair. Alas, I lost the blonde after giving birth, but I didn’t lose Rob. I’ll put that down as a win.

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