Friday! Glad you’re here.

.:: Drama
“Be careful what you wish for” is something I have heard time and time again. Yet, regardless of the number of times I hear it, I continue to wish for some things and then get smacked in the face when it happens.

Drama. Drama makes for a good blog week. Drama makes for good postings. People don’t want to read boring. So, yes, I find I wish for exciting weeks – not necessarily drama-filled weeks.

Well, color me smacked. Drama payed a visit this week. Big time. This week, Charlie lost his sandals! Dun dun duuuuunn!!

What? Were you expecting a cat fight of some sort? Hmm. Anyway, while getting ready for day care, Charlie started looking for his shoes; specifically, he was looking for his sandals. “Mommy!” He yelled. “Where are my sandals?”

Now, I love Charlie with all my heart, but this kid loses everything. He is a hoarder and tosser all at the same time. Wanting to sleep with whatever he collected during the day, while simultaneously losing his prized collection from yesterday. “Where is my ruby red?” He asks. What is a ‘ruby red’? It’s a small red reflector, which he picked up off the ground at Suzann’s house. He has slept with it for the past week, except during the nights when he misplaced it moments before bedtime. I digress.

Back to the sandals. “I’m sorry, Charlie.” I said. “When you don’t put your things back where they belong, things get lost. You’ll have to wear another pair of shoes today.”

Charlie’s smile turned to a frown and he began to whimper. Fortunately, he had his ‘ruby red’, so the frown and whimper were short lived. Still, every morning Charlie asked me, “Where are my sandals?” And today, as I took the dirty clothes out of the kids’ laundry basket, I found Charlie’s sandals. Yes, the laundry basket. And, no, I don’t get it either. Ah drama. Thanks for visiting.


A bed filled with a boy’s treats.
All protected between his sheets.

Hey, look what I found, an old box.
I’ll sleep with it and my favorite socks.

Can I sleep with the picture I drew?
What about my paint brush, too?

Oh, I like these rocks I found.
Now under my pillow, safe and sound.


.:: A Blank Canvas
White towels. I’ve noticed white towels are popular in many homes. I’ve also noticed how white towel brighten up just about any and every bathroom. This past summer, I bought white towels to use for the boys after swimming. And once, while washing the white towels, I accidentally included a blue blanket. Okay, okay. I knew I was putting the blue blanket in with the white towels, but the blanket was old – I never dreamed it would still ‘bleed’.

The blanket bled. My white towels were now a bluish white towel. I looked at the towels. I thought, “I wonder what color I’d get if I added a pair of black jeans.” And with that, I started washing my white towels with various colors.

Behold the freedom and fun of having white towels. Sure, you could do your best to keep the towels the whitest and brightest; or, you could wash the white towels with an old blue blanket that still bleeds with every wash. You could wash your white towels as it says on the label, with whites only; or, you could throw in a new red shirt, creating a soft pink colored towel. You could add bleach to your recently colored white towels and bring back the original white color; or you could add a yellow shirt, a black shirt, a red shirt and a blue shirt and create¬† – well, I don’t have a name for that color creation.

White towels: blank canvases waiting to be colored. Go color!


Laundry is an art.
Mixing different colors.
Wash in a rainbow.


.:: Why
Folks ask me all the time, “Lenore,” they begin. “Why do you blog?”

Okay. So, folks don’t ask me that question all the time. In fact, I doubt anyone has asked me. But, this morning, I find I am asking myself, “Why do I blog?” This week has been an interesting week, which began with an ah-ha moment on Sunday, and ended with complete peace and satisfaction. And today, I know, without any doubts, why I blog.

I blog for my family. I blog, because blogging keeps me happy. I blog, because when I am happy I am better able to provide for my family. I blog, because blogging helps keep me sane. I blog, because blogging helps me keep things in perspective. I blog, so I can get thoughts out of my head and off my mind. I blog to vent. I blog to forget. I blog to remember. I blog to show my love and support for my friends, while giving me a chance to appreciate all that surrounds me. I blog to make others laugh. I blog to make others smile. I blog to make others think.

I blog, because I love to write. I blog, because I love to share. I blog, because I want to promote the fund-raising efforts of my friends and family. I blog to promote Angela’s efforts with Team In Training, benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I blog to promote my friend Elise’s animal rescue organization, Pick of the Litter. I blog to promote Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and other charitable organizations. I blog, because I want to help those around me. I blog, because I care.

And finally, as I have probably said in previous posts, I blog so others can breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Wow. At least I am not as crazy as she is. My life is pretty good!” You’re welcome.


Blogging is something I love to do.
Writing helps me see things through.

I’m not perfect, and don’t claim to be.
I’m just working on being me.

Sometimes I think I’m funny, too.


Be sure to take care of yourself and others.

Curious George

Every weekday morning, the boys and I sit down to watch Curious George, before we head to daycare or work. Though I wasn’t exposed to Curious George as a kid, my husband grew up with his parents reading Curious George books. I used to fumble through the books, when we were visiting his parents. I didn’t understand the draw to Curious George, perhaps because I am a girl or perhaps because I am just different. To me, the books were simply different tales of the man in the yellow hat leaving his monkey behind to cause trouble. George rarely listened, and his curiosity always got the best of him.

Ah ha! Causing trouble? Curiosity getting the better of someone? Sounds like a perfect formula for kids! More specifically, Curious George is the stuff of little boys, and the Dads who raise the little boys.

Truth be told, I’ve grown to love Curious George. And, I am quite fond of the classroom experiments that take place between each 15 minute episode. Our boys love Curious George, too. And, silly though it may sound, I believe our boys learn a bit about science and math, while watching the show. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look to Curious George to teach our boys, but the fact that the show is somewhat educational is a nice bonus.

So, this morning I sat down with a cup of coffee and watched Curious George. I was waiting for the boys to join me. The boys didn’t wake up in time to watch Curious George, yet I sat and watched the entire show. I’m not sure what it says about me because I sat and watched Curious George without the supervision of a child. I think I’ll be OK, as long as I don’t feel the need to record episodes.

As I watched, all I could think was ‘the man in the yellow hat is a complete dork.’ He is suppose to be some sort of scientist, which makes me think he is smart. Then again, some of his actions lead me to believe the only bright thing about him is his yellow clothing. And, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that whenever he says, “Be a good little monkey,” it cues George to do the exact opposite.

I believe George is smarter than the man in the yellow hat – much smarter. I am not at all surprise that the man in the yellow hat is still single. I think women would have better luck with George than the man. But, I realize this is a kid’s show, and it isn’t about the man in the yellow hat finding a female (or male) companion. I mean, I’m not expecting the man in the yellow hat to try out for a spot on The Bachelor or even a bachelor on The Bachelorette. And yes, I realize I am talking about a cartoon and a reality show, but come on – both are pretty comical.

While watching Curious George, I came to realize what I liked most about this kid show, and other shows like it. Romance and sexual tension is not something you will find in shows like Curious George. Scripts for shows like Curious George are not written to create a love/hate relationship between the characters. I know, you are saying to yourself ‘duh’, right? Still, with all the dramas on daytime soaps and night-time television, I find Curious George to be quite refreshing. The man with the yellow hat is not interested (or too clueless) to worry about an adult relationship, and his friends seem to feel the same way. And, George? George is content running to the next corner and seeing what is around the bend.

Thank goodness for my kids. With kids in the house, I don’t feel nearly as odd watching kid shows as I would if it were just my husband and me. The boys and I can watch shows that are entertaining and educational. We’ll skip the kid shows that merely annoy. You know, shows like Caillou and Barney. Instead, we’ll enjoy watching the fun shows like Clifford, Dinosaur Train and – of course – Curious George. I look forward to watching Curious George tomorrow, even if the boys don’t wake up in time to watch it with me. Who knows, George might even be a good little monkey. (I hope not.)