Read my words: I am a writer

Recently, on two separate occasions, I professed I was a writer. Each time, my declaration startled me. I quickly fumbled and confessed that my writing consisted of note writing and blogging. I made certain the people to whom I was speaking knew I was neither a published writer nor a paid writer.

What triggered my claim? My boys.

See, I was meeting with their teachers, and both teachers made a point to say that the boys had a passion for writing. According to the teachers, my oldest loves writing in his journal at school, and my youngest loves writing notes throughout his school day. Read more

Where is Baby Tessa?

Today’s post is brought to you by Jess and her writing challenge. [You will find her post here.]

“Mom!” Stacey yelled from her room. “I can’t find my baby doll!”

“It’s wherever you put it last.” Stacey’s Mom yelled from the kitchen.

“But I had the doll in my bed, and now it is gone!” Stacey screamed.

“Would you please stop yelling!” Stacey’s Mom hollered back. She rolled her eyes and smiled, as she realized she was doing the very same thing. Read more