That word “Time”

Recently, I was in the hospital for severe abdominal pain. While waiting for my name to be called by the nurse, I looked around at the other patients in the room. Each person had his/her own injury or illness. As I curled up in pain, I wondered if the time was passing as slowly for the other patients as it was for me.

Then I wondered, trying to distract myself from the pain, how many times does a person say the word ‘time’ in a day? How many different ways does a person refer to time throughout the course of a day? And, what about absolute time and relative time, space-time and time dilation?

Okay, I did not really wonder about the scientific make-up of time, and I am not going to speak of time travel; however, I would not mind traveling through time with Doctor David Tennant. Doctor Who?! You ask. Exactly. Continue reading “That word “Time””