The Friday Factor

.:: I Won’t Forget
My Mom left a voice mail. I need to get back to her. I won’t forget.
Oh. The Mortgage is due soon. I need to pay it. I won’t forget.
I haven’t fed the dogs, yet. I’ll get to it in a second.
The trash needs to go out. Let me start the laundry first, I won’t forget.
My sister’s birthday is coming up. I need to mail her card. I’ll do that later; I won’t forget.
I need to register Joe for art class. It’s on my list. I won’t forget.

Joe’s art class starts today! Did I register? I forgot.
My sister didn’t get her card. It is still on the counter. I forgot.
The trash man just left. The trash is still here. I forgot.
The dogs are hungry. They did not get fed. I forgot.
The mortgage is due today. I forgot to pay it earlier.
The phone rings. It’s my Mom. “Hey! I was going to call you . . .”


Try to remember
Jotted down a reminder
Though forgetting where


.:: Beetles, Grubs and Worms – Oh my!
A nature table. Joe’s teacher brought in a nature table. His eyes lit up! He knew just what he wanted to add to the nature table.

“Can I bring my beetles to school tomorrow? Ms. Teacher bought a nature table.”

“Gosh, Joe. I’ll have to check with your teacher. I’m not sure a nature table is an indication that beetles can come to school with you.” I said.

After shooting an email Joe’s teacher, I was informed that Joe was allowed to bring his beetles to school. Then I replied and let her know the beetles would be alive – not dead. The response changed slightly. The beetles were still welcome in the classroom, but instructions for keeping the beetles alive were needed.

Keeping the beetles alive? What? It was a miracle if Joe’s bug collection lasted overnight. You mean she wants these things to live? Wow,  what a novel concept; so, with that, we created a thriving habitat for Joe’s beetles. And happily living with the beetles are two worms and four grubs.

Perhaps surprisingly, Joe’s teacher let me know the bug habitat was a hit with the entire classroom. More surprisingly, the bugs continue to thrive. I do believe Joe has a secure future in entomology.


If it crawls, if it creeps,
Joe will love it heaps.

Digging for bugs brings him pleasure
To him, finding insects is finding treasure.

Proud of the beetles he reaps.



Joe takes a friend to school.


.:: Charlie Goes to School
Every day, literally every day, Joe asks me if Charlie can come with him to school. Joe wants to show Charlie everything in his classroom, as well as teach him all the things he, himself, is learning. Earlier this week, I finally asked Joe’s teacher if Charlie could attend Joe’s class this week. She said yes.

After filling out the ‘in case of emergency’ paperwork, Charlie was set to go to school with Joe. “Wait Mommy.” Joe says. “You have to buy Charlie a lunch box before he goes to school with me. Charlie needs a lunch box at school.”

Being the accommodating Mom, I adhered to Joe’s request (or was it a demand?). I ordered a lunch box and paid to have it shipped as a ‘rush’, ensuring it would arrive in time for Charlie’s big day. Charlie’s daycare provider was scheduled to take Friday off work, so Friday was the target day for Charlie to go with Joe.

Welcome to Friday. Today is the day Charlie is going to school with Joe. And yes, the lunch box arrived in time. If Charlie’s excitement in opening the package and pulling out his new lunch box is any indication, he will love this day at school with Joe.

Still, I’m not sure Charlie is ready for this; *sigh* okay, I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Alas, today Charlie gets his first sweet taste of kindergarten. And I? Well, I get my first bittersweet taste of having both boys in school, and I think it tastes more bitter than sweet.


He’s ready to go; he’s ready to grow.
But this parent wishes he’d take it slow.

Charlie wants to be like his big brother.
But lingering at little is the wish of his mother.

My toddlers are kids now, for this am I ready?
Thankfully, both of them still sleep with their teddy.


Be sure to take care of yourself and others.


Home again, home again, jigitty jog.

Dear Blogary,

I believe my first post within the past 7 days should be made to you, my most intimate keeper of my most not-so-secret thoughts.

Blogary, I returned late yesterday from a family trip to Coppell, TX. We visited my sister and her family, celebrating the high school graduation of her youngest son, as well as the college graduation of her oldest daughter. Fun was had by all.

Today, as I step into my first day back to work after vacation, I find I am drinking from the fire hose. Though I typically long to find distractions and diversions of the edible nature during ‘rushed’ times like these, I am actually enjoying the gushing work load and deadlines. [Blogary, please note, I am still finding ways to procrastinate and avoid the tasks at hand, but I am doing so without the help of food.]

We drove from Woodstock, GA to Coppell, TX in a rented mini-van, with my Mum as our guest passenger. We made the drive in two days, stopping in Minden, LA going to Texas, and stopping in Tuscaloosa, AL coming back from Texas. The drive was uneventful, which is a wonderful thing. Plus, I am thrilled to say the boys were fantastic in the car. And Blogary, as an added bonus, my Mum was fantastic in the car, too!

Some of my siblings also made the journey from Georgia to Texas, though they chose to travel by plane. [Whimps] Overall, our family trip could not have been better. The journey to and fro was easy and enjoyable. And, the time spent with family and friends was fantastically fun and enormously enjoyable.

Joe, Carson and Charlie. Note the black cups containing bugs.

Blogary, if you asked Joseph, our 5 yr old, I am fairly certain he’d say his favorite part of the trip was finding bugs in Texas. Please keep that in mind, as I review my trip with you.

We headed out West in a Chrysler not a Lexus.
“Mommy, do they have clover flowers in Texas?”

We stopped in Minden, LA for the night.
“Mommy, do these little black bugs bite?”

We arrived at my sister’s house Friday afternoon.
“Look, Mommy! I found a caterpillar cocoon!”

The boys spent many hours swimming in the pool.
“Mommy, I think the best bugs can be found at that school.”

Family and friends gathered enjoying food, laughter and hugs.
“Mommy, do you think Jack will help me look for more bugs?”

At night we lingered, holding off our good-byes.
“Mommy, can we stay longer and catch fireflies?”

Bribing for camera shots, oh how we did wheedle.
“Hey Mommy, come see this HUGE big, black beetle!”

The Family that Gathers Together ... (This is just a sampling of my family. Some folks could not make it to Texas.)

Come Monday it was time to travel eastward by car.
“Mommy, can I take these bugs home in a jar?”

We stopped in Tuscaloosa, and there we did sleep.
“Oh Mommy, did you see that cricket just leap?”

Tuesday afternoon we made it back home with glee.
“Mommy, I’m going outside to try and catch a bee.”

Blogary, though I had a great time with family and friends, I also had a blast watching Joe’s never ending quest for finding bugs.