Music to my ears

I wanted boys. If I was going to try and give birth to babies, I wanted the babies to be boys.

I was born into a family of four girls and one boy. Estrogen was the dominant hormone, and I found myself craving testosterone.

Please understand, I have nothing against girls. Honest. I like girls. In fact, some of my best friends are girls.

What I failed to see with my Y-chromosome tunnel vision was the maleness that is attached to the boy. What do I mean by maleness? Well, I mean passing gas and laughing, scratching bellies and other parts, crumbs on the counter, crumbs on the couch, stinky socks, and the worst – toilets. Shudder Read more

This, That and a Karate Lesson, too

Caution. What follows is a winding road with many forks. I begin with daycare.

When I picked up Charlie, the girls in his class were being chatty Cathys. (No offense to Cathys.) The babysitter looked at me, smiled and said, “Be glad you don’t have girls.”

Oh. I’m glad, alright. Having four sisters was enough estrogen for me. I wanted testosterone in my house. Then again. With testosterone comes bathroom issues –  messy, smelly bathroom issues. And, let us not forget, Captain Underpants. Read more