He said “Yes.”

Rob told me he would express his final vote on the Montessori idea on Saturday. Well, good morning blogosphere – today is Saturday! While we all sat at the table eating breakfast, I kept my eyes on Rob, smiling when he looked my way. Growing tired of it, he asked me to stop looking at him like a child begging. “Well,” I said. “I am begging.”

The boys finished their breakfast, excused themselves from the table and went to do their own thing. Though Rob and I had finished eating, we continued to sit at the table. Rob looked deliberate, while I sat sometimes pensive, fearing a ‘no’ from him. He continued to deliberate, and I continued to bat my eyes, wince a bit and speak of the positives. With the anxiety over his pending vote and two cups of coffee in my system, my heart was racing. Then the phone rang.

Our neighbor’s son was calling to see if our boys could come to his house to play. Our table discussion was put on hold, as we got the boys ready to go next door. I then took to the computer, and I printed out our budget spreadsheet. I created a ‘draft’ worksheet to account for the cost of Montessori. Once the boys went next door, Rob and I sat on the couch, and I gave him the spreadsheet to review.

Though he claimed the spreadsheet didn’t sway him, I know seeing the numbers on paper helped put his mind at ease. Shortly after reviewing the numbers, Rob looked at me and uttered the three-letter word I was waiting to hear: sex. Oh wait, no. Sorry, wrong post. Rob said, “Yes!” And, me? I said, “Woo hoo!”

Of course, Rob saying yes, does not mean Joe is definitely going to Montessori. But, it does mean I can move forward with the application/testing process. On Monday, I will drop off the application and admission fee, and I will wait for them to contact us with a testing date. Although we registered Joe for Kindergarten within our local public school, we are now entering the phase of private school enrollment. I am excited. Very excited. And Rob? Well, Rob noted I’ve had too much caffeine this morning.