Turns out, I like kids.

AIA Spring Festival May 2012 (8)

Now we come to the third question. Just like the second question, I do not find the third question difficult. And again, there is the concern that I will sound conceited when I say, with a certain amount of confidence, that I am good at something. But, when one is interviewing for a job, it is important answer the questions you are asked. Continue reading

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Cursive handwriting – the new hieroglyphics

The family gathered in the living room waiting for our nephew to start opening his birthday cards and presents. He opened his first card and read it aloud. When he got to the handwritten sentiment, he had to pass it to someone else to read. “I can’t read cursive.” He said.

What?! What did my 14yr old nephew say? He can’t read cursive? What?!

Seeing my shock, my sister-in-law said, “They don’t teach cursive in school anymore.” Continue reading