Once upon a time: A story about a dog and an artist

Once upon a time, I was a house/dog sitter. When folks with animals traveled out of town, they contacted me to stay at their place and take care of their animals.

One of my clients was a woman with a dog named, Lina. I loved when Lina’s owner went out of town, because Lina was one of my favorite pooches to visit.

Lina and I became very close. When Lina’s Mom was given an opportunity to relocate to Massachusetts for work/school, she asked me if I wanted to adopt her. I literally jumped at the chance, and Lina became MY Lina.

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Ernest Borgnine :: My Dad’s Brother from a Different Mother (and Father)

Ernest Borgnine died today, Sunday July 8, 2012. He was 95yrs old.

After my Dad died, I had a greater appreciation for death. That is to say, I had a greater understanding for the grief that overwhelms those dealing with the loss. My Dad’s death also changed the way I looked at the overwhelming responses from the public when a celebrity dies. Continue reading