Project 366: Day 258 Buddies

I am getting this picture posted just under the “Day 258″ wire. After school, the boys and I went to the park with friends. Playing at the park led to an invitation to continue playing and eat supper at a friend’s house, which led to a late departure for home and a late return home. What a wonderful afternoon and evening these buddies had together.

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Project 366: Day 256 A Mother’s Pride

Joe is a smart kid. Only 7yrs old, the kid already knows his strengths and weaknesses. Last night, I shared our dinner conversation with my Facebook friends.

The boys and I were talking about races, and each one thought about which races they could win. Joe said, “Oh, I could win a running race easy, if I were running against toddlers. And, I could so win a biking race against toddlers on tricycles.”

The best part about Joe’s comments (which I did not include on Facebook) is the fact the training wheels are still on his bicycle. He knows his limits, and he sets up his challenges accordingly.

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Project 366: Day 253 Friends, Neighbors, and Rule Breakers

Rule #1 in photography: Do not take pictures with your subjects blocked by shadows.

That’s a fine rule in theory, but when you are rushing to get a shot uploaded for the day, and the neighbor’s Mom is calling the kids in to supper, well, rules are ignored and poor pictures are taken.

Oh yeah – for the record, I’m not the only one breaking a rule. Charlie is wearing a kick-boxing helmet as a bicycle helmet, so there.

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Project 366: Day 251 Words

Project 366 is a photo project, chronicling a year in the life of me and my family. Though I write a sentence or five introducing the photo, I’ve deliberately kept the words at a minimum. That is, I’ve kept the words at a minimum until today.

Today I come to you with several things. First, I want to tell you about a new project. Second, I want to alert you to a post I wrote for a friend’s blog. Third, fourth, and finally, I’m sharing pictures with you, because this is a Project 366 post, and I am introducing another contest – a caption contest. Continue reading