Cursive handwriting – the new hieroglyphics

The family gathered in the living room waiting for our nephew to start opening his birthday cards and presents. He opened his first card and read it aloud. When he got to the handwritten sentiment, he had to pass it to someone else to read. “I can’t read cursive.” He said.

What?! What did my 14yr old nephew say? He can’t read cursive? What?!

Seeing my shock, my sister-in-law said, “They don’t teach cursive in school anymore.” Continue reading

Project 366: Day 166

Tuesday night, Charlie spent the night at a friend’s house, while Joe and I went out for pizza and a movie.

Joe did not get to bed Tuesday night until after 9pm, which is later than his usual 7:30 bedtime. And Charlie? Well, when I went to his friend’s house to get him the Mom informed me that the boys were up well past 11:00, which is much later than his usual 7:30 bedtime.

So, I was not surprised when I looked in my rear-view mirror on the way home from camp to find two boys zonked out. I snapped these shots while stopped at a red light. Guess what?! I used my cell phone! Continue reading

You Tell Me :: A Caption Contest

This is not an original idea. I’ve never been a leader, and I see no reason to start now. So, following in the footsteps of The Byronic Man and The Good Greatsby, I am copying flattering them with my own caption contest.

This picture is not some random shot I found online. I snapped this shot myself (talented, eh?), and it screams for a caption. Please help me marry this photo with the best caption. Just leave your caption idea in the comments section. I’ll select my top 5 favorites and open it up for voting on Sunday June 17th. What’s the prize? Details, details. Just give a shot, OK? Continue reading