Project 366: Day 186

Georgette put the bug in my ear, so my pictures today are in honor of her. She noted Jojo’s white fur and red eyes, mentioning a bit of blue would make him a patriotic rabbit. Though I did not find the best ribbon, I did what I could to have her idea come to fruition. The fact that Jojo would not emerge from his cage told me he was not amused.

To my American friends I bid you all a “Happy Independence Day”! (To see the pictures larger, just click on one and you can scroll through the others.) Continue reading

Project 366: Day 184

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. I’ve tried and tried again to grow sunflowers in our yard to no avail. Trees surround our yard providing another kind of beauty. Still, I hope for the day I am able to grow my own garden of sunflowers.

Until that time, I am grateful for the patches of sunflowers near our home. May this giant beauty add a bit of sun to your day, and may you come across one of your own favorite things. Continue reading